How to develop discipline and self-control

Each of us has been in the following situation – you have a great desire to do something, promise to start tomorrow / Monday / next month.

At best, take 1-2 attempts and leave the occupation, which is why yesterday you were shining eyes. At worst – you did not decide to make the first move.

Why does it happen? What do you lack? Motivation ? Willpower ? Time?

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Let me reveal why:

Let’s start with the importance of self-discipline!

This is the ability to make (themselves) to take action, regardless of your current emotional state.

In other words, what are the concrete steps that you make after putting some purpose of attaining it. You’ve decided it’s time to lose weight – do you diet and you start playing sports. Words that seem very simple.

In real life, however, the interval between decision and action is saturated with torture doubt, avoidance, procrastination, forgetfulness and eventually failure. This can not go on forever and ever not to get closer to the goal.


You must not confuse tenacity and motivation.

Motivation depends on what you sometimes do with the fire in his eyes and sometimes can not get to get up from the couch. Stubbornness means action without a sighting , whether you like it or do not want to continue.

At the same time, we should distinguish persistence of stubbornness.

One is if you find it within themselves to a daily workout. And quite another if you believe in that after months of training you will be in the form of a professional athlete. Stubbornness is correct to target search of new roads, even refusing them, if not received. Without persistence, but only treading in one place long you risk hitting your head against the wall that will not break even with a sledgehammer.

The most dangerous word in the world according Neuroscience

This word can destroy the lives of both the speaker and the listener!

If we had to, we would undergo magnetic resonance imaging – large magnet shaped like a doughnut, which can shoot video neuronal changes occurring in our brains and in less than a second to light up the word “NO”, we see the sudden release of dozens of hormones producing stress and neurotransmitters. These chemicals immediately interrupt the normal functioning of the brain, logic, thought, speech and our communication. In fact, if you appalled and a depressed man looking for the second sheet with negative words written on it, he will feel worse.
The more I reflect on them, the more it destroys key structures that regulate memory, feelings and emotions. Will disrupt sleep, appetite and ability to experience happiness and satisfaction for a long time.

If voiced their negativity or even a slight frown when we say “no” to release more stress chemicals, not only ours but also in the brain of the listener.

The listener will experience increased anxiety and irritability, thereby undermining cooperation and trust. In fact, even if you just hang around negative people, it will make us more biassed towards others!

Any form of negative experience – worry about our financial condition or our health – will stimulate the release of neurochemicals destructive.


The same applies to children:

The more negative thoughts are, the more emotional instability will experience. But if you learn to think positively, may radically change their lives.

The more we bound by negative dialogue – at home or work – the more difficult to stop. But negative words were spoken in anger cause further more damage.

They send alarm messages to the brain, interfering centres of the decision of the frontal lobe, which increases our tendency to act irrationally.
Fear -provoking words such as poverty , illness and death also stimulate the brain in a negative way. And even if these scary thoughts are not real, other parts of the brain (such as thalamus and amygdala ) react to negative fantasies as if they are real threats arising outside the world. Curiously, though we are programmed to worry about old memories carried over from our ancestors, when there was a myriad of threats linked to our survival – a sort of genetic artefact.


But how to get rid of all this?

To break this natural tendency to worry and anxiety can be taken several things:

For a start, ask yourself:

“Is the situation threatening me?” Usually, this is not so, why would quickly break the reaction of the amygdala to the imaginary threat and faster we can take action to resolve the problem.

Once we have identified a negative thought (which is often subconsciously), we can restructure, and choose to focus on positive words and images.

The conclusion is that self-control can save you! There is no automated way …

These tips will definitely help reduce the digital tension in your eyes!

You’ve probably heard the term ” ergonomics “, but you know really anything about him?

When you spend your day staring at the screen, whether tablet, phone or computer, you can create eye strain and can cause neck pain and back.

You know how it is – trying to sit properly until just a little while back hunched, head down, sitting uncomfortable and wrong in his chair,

… Before you know that you already have neck pain, back pain, not to mention the red, inflamed eyes.

Yes, you can be produced inflammation of the eye simply by overuse of a digital device for more than 2 hours at a time.

Think about it – how many times during the day do not peel off for a second look at your favourite digital devices?

Desktops, laptops, smartphones, e-readers, tablets, TVs and TV games … each of us in the modern world spends a large part of their time in front of a digital sitting incorrectly, staring at it from an entirely wrong angle …!

workingTo assist you in fighting fatigue, be it mental or physical, and to remove the irritation in your eyes, we will offer a few tips to include in your busy working day.

So we hope to improve the ergonomics of your body and reduce the feeling of tension in the eyes and body.

  • Use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes do 20-second break of the obsession with the monitor looked for something a distance of about 20 meters.
  • Create an ergonomic, comfortable workstation with adequate lighting, good ergonomic chair with an appropriate seat and properly adjust your monitor
  • Keep all kinds of screens appropriate distance from your eyes
    Remember to blink from time to time to moisturise! Staring at the monitor can result in drying their …
  • Increase text on your computer and browser windows for easy viewing and you do not strain your eyes.
  • Clean screens on their digital devices frequently to eliminate dust and unpleasant glare that occur because of it.

Finally, consider your pick up a pair of computer glasses / most anti-reflective / by also to help in the fight against the tension that quite unintentionally create these in your beautiful eyes …

Well, you know suffer from eye strain? How to fight it, share in the comments box!

What happens in our brains when we fall in love

Love is directly related to hormones. These include already known from the experiment with oxytocin and vasopressin rodents, as well as dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, oestrogen and adrenaline. Each of them responsible for a reaction of our body that we are accustomed to associating with falling in love:


  • Adrenaline is responsible for blood pressure and over his separation increases the level of stress and tension, causing the heart to beat faster.
  • Dopamine, in turn, is responsible for feelings like us: fun, light-headedness, enthusiasm and ” fluttering wings .”
  • Serotonin, or rather his lack responsible for those cases where we can not throw off his head object of adoration. A deficiency of serotonin is the main symptom of OCD when you can not get rid of the stubborn and frightening him think.
  • Testosterone is responsible for attractiveness in both sexes. The more testosterone, a man, has , the more attractive, it is for the woman. At the same time, the more attractive it is worth women.
  • Oestrogen affects the attraction of man to woman. Studies of the American Association of Psychologists showed that testosterone levels in men who have felt the scent of a lady in a period of ovulation increases.

girl posing

What you need to love

Much less than you think.

In 1997, psychologist Arthur Aron made several strangers fall in love with each other. He gave them a questionnaire with 36 questions on which they were required to respond to each other within 45 minutes. The level of intimacy increases with each question.

And if the first were like, ” Would you like to be famous? “, Then near the end, they turned into: ” When was the last time I cried in front of someone? And alone? ”

This is not all.

Then answer the questions the couple had to look eye to eye in silence within 4 minutes. Strangers who entered the room to conduct the study of various doors and seen for the first time, they went from there love.

And after six months were already married.

It’s hard to believe such a unique event.

So a journalist from The New York Times decided to repeat the experiment with a friend . What happened to read yourself – interesting .

4 most common mistakes in online job application

You have decided that the time is ripe for an online job application? This is just great! This approach has many options and will surely help you in finding the most suitable career opportunity.

Just remember that like anything in this world and applying for a job on the Internet can be a double-edged sword if you do not practice properly!

And to protect you from possible undesirable consequences, we did this article that described the seven common mistakes in online job application:


1. Incomplete and not well designed CV

In an era of multiple chat applications and the ability to quickly send messages and data from our smartphones, we are all guilty of admitted of speed and inattention errors and unfinished sentences.

Make sure the hours you spend on fine-tuning your paper CV help and create your online CV.

Do not forget to include all your skills and key achievements.

Remember that every detail is important to make sure that your application will stand out among the competition, especially when looking for a job online.

2. Do not confuse patience with passivity

No need to be reminded that competition among job seekers is very severe, especially among recent graduates and young professionals. Even the most qualified candidates should increase its activity with at least one degree.

Creating a profile in several online networks for recruitment is only the first step in the job search. We must move forward, follow all posted ads and to fight for those who think that best suit your professional skills and competencies. To succeed, you must have persistence if you want to get the job you want.

3. Lack of creativity

Forget about the rules relating to classical CV on paper!

Yes, they are still valid, but not in the online job application. Online CVs adopt new forms every day.

They range from stunning visual CVs on your Pinterest profile to intelligently and the short summary in your account on LinkedIn. It is advisable to explore different options and create the most creative CV!

4. Do not rely on job search online

After spending so much time on the Internet, it is logically at some point begin to ignore different offline possibilities in which to get rid of unemployment. This, as you might guess is not the most appropriate way!

No matter how comfortable, social networks and online platforms, they can not replace the typical conversation between colleagues and friends, thanks to which you can learn about new career opportunities and be able to win the important recommendation for the job!

7 Magical covenant of Buddha – the Awakened

By themselves these lessons of Buddha will not change anything – nor will it improve your life, nor will they make untold rich as you want. But if you think about it more than any of them if you go deep in their meaning, surely you want to change for the better (and hope that your wish will last a little more than 5 minutes).

Buddha – “awakened” or “enlightened.” Siddhartha Gautama (his real name) was a great spiritual teacher and mentor, the founder of Buddhism in ancient India. In most Buddhist traditions, he is considered the supreme Buddha.


# 1 To start a little – this is normal

The cup is filled gradually, drop by drop. Any professional or expert was once an amateur. It all started a little, do not overlook the few. If you are consistent and patient, you will succeed! Nobody can replace overnight; success comes to those who are willing to start from small and hard to work until full and their cup.


# 2 Thoughts are material

Our consciousness – that is all.

You become in what you think. If a man speaks or acts with pure intentions, it is happiness that is like a shadow that never leaves him. To live properly, you need to ” fill ” your brain with “right” thoughts.

Proper thought ( repeat – the right not positive ) will give you everything you want, improper thinking is evil, which in the end will destroy. Any errors arise due reason.

If the reason is changing will remain their errors?


# 3 Forgiveness

To contain his anger is like to catch a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone, but I will say you were burning yourself. When releasing those who are locked up in prison unforgivable itself. From this prison himself. You will never be able to suppress , not to suppress themselves.

Learn to forgive. Learn to forgive quickly.

# 4 Your actions matter

God gives every bird a rapidly, but do not throw it into its nest.

To be successful you have to act ; to develop rapidly , you must act every day. Fame is all about, but it can only recognise those that operate continuously.

Buddha said: ” I do not believe in a fate that falls on men when acting, but I believe in the fate that falls on them when they fail to act. ”


# 5 Try to understand

We stopped to fight for the truth began to fight for itself .

First try to understand, and only then attempt to be understood. Apply all his strength to take stock of the perspective of another person. Listen to others, understand them and get peace of mind.

Focus on what to be happy and not to be done.


# 6 Win yourself

Better to beat yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is entirely yours. Will you be able to take it neither angels nor demons, neither paradise nor hell. To beat themselves , however, must win his mind.

You must control your thoughts.

They should not be raging like sea waves. You might think: “I can not control my thoughts.

#7 Be grateful

Let me thank you for that if we are not taught much it ultimately we have not lost much time , and even if we lost time, then ultimately we’re not sick . However, if we are sick, we are not dead .

There will always be something we have to thank . Not all were able to wake up in the morning , yesterday someone asleep for the last time. There is always something worth to thank . A grateful heart will do great !

Blisk – The dream of every web developer

In early 2014 two brothers take up no easy task to facilitate the work of millions of web developers worldwide creating cross browser.


Blisk unique hefty free desktop browser designed specifically for Web developers who want to test their projects without having to wonder how their sites look on various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and various browsers.

Here are some of the features that have:

  • Keep an eye on all mobile devices;
  • Synchronous scrolling;
  • Automatically refresh;
  • Ability to screenshot and video recording;

Classical tools for developers.

The browser emulator is a wide range of popular mobile devices, which helps developers in test code. Thus the developer sees how a site works on a smartphone, tablet or computer. May test site, opening two windows on a screen, such as one emulating shows the device in real time.

The developer can see what happens to the items on the page when scrolling simultaneously. Ie was moving pages in one window, observe what happens in the emulator window, without constantly switching different pages.

Auto refresh saves developers from having to refresh at page after introducing some variation. The browser automatically reloads the Web site where HTML or CSS text on the page changes. Embedded analytical tools give us information on script errors, resources fail to load, as well as compatibility with different types of browsers.

It has an excellent opportunity to take pictures of the screen (screenshots) with one click and writing notes on them.

The browser also has tools for tracking defects such as Bugzilla, application integration, collaboration – Trello and Asana, and Google Drive and TFS.

Screenshot feature is very convenient because it allows developers to document technical problems with greater ease. Share bugs with your team more efficiently than ever before. Blisk automatically stores all images on the screen in cloud disc, allowing your team members can access them whenever they want.

Analysis function monitors your code for any questions, browser compatibility problems with the speed and quality concerns. This further saves time and warns developers for errors within their code in real-time.

At this point, the browser is only available for users of OS Windows but is planning versions for Mac and Linux.