13 Things Guys Notice When You First Meet

1. Your Behind. Most gentlemen either fall more squarely in the “breast” or “behind” camp, claiming connoisseurship of a single body part within the other. But identifying a man who sees neither would be like finding and establishing the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

2. Your Confidence. Most important of all to a guy meeting you for the first time are the energy that you exude. There is absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing) that a man finds more appealing than self-confidence. If you can carry yourself assertively and possess a great awareness of self, a person will take notice instantaneously, no matter what your other characteristics are. Now that is universally sexy.

3.Your Grin. A lady’s mouth is often the initial part of a woman a man will see. As it’s the most expressive feature you possess are great lips and teeth sexy, but men will look for social signals to your mouth. A warm, inviting smile might convey, “Here I am, come speak to me.” A sly, seductive smirk might share, “You could try, but you will have to work for this.” And a scowl may suggest, “Turn around, and head back to your mother’s basement,” or, “I have spinach in my teeth.”

4. Your Laugh. He will instantly attempt to convert a grin into a laugh if your man has any game. A beautiful woman’s laugh is one of the very amazing sounds a single guy can hear, as he’ll be psyched to understand that his allure is working. The laugh itself will help him determine if he’d like to ask the girl out: a sweet, intoxicating giggle might be music to his ears, while a deep, raspy chortle might remind him too much of his uncle Morty to continue.

5. Your Sense of Humor. As much as any man would want to get you laugh, your skill to do the same for him is a massive turn-on that he’ll find straight away. Your brand could be dry and subtle a la Rebel Wilson, or comprehensive and wacky like Amy Poehler’s, but anything that gets him chuckling will give you major points in his book.

6. Your Eyes. Though a less tactful fella might get caught sneaking a peek at other advantages, your eyes are what a man should be studying during the conversation. But any guy that is experienced will need to look into your eyes for more than just their aesthetic properties that are beautiful. Plenty of info received and may be carried via eye contact, and any guy hoping to really get to know you will look like an easy method of reading and flirting signals to yours.

7. Your Voice. Especially if this voice is unusually obnoxious, or extraordinarily hot. Your voice can instantly change someone ‘s understanding of you, for better or for worse. I am not implying that your tone purposely affect, but perhaps think twice before launching with your famed Gilbert Gottfried perception.

8. Your Friends. You spend enough time with some your friends that you likely share many traits and qualities. Men will probably judge you by the firm you keep and know this. When there is a part of your team you’ve never meshed well with, do your best to distance yourself from her night. The final thing you want is Khloé Kardashian Jr. whining your new prospective suitor’s ear off about her lifelong “struggle” to locate a handbag bling enough to complement her “natural swag correctly.”

9.Your Physical Stature. It’s not at all something anyone loves to acknowledge, but your build is just as much an integral part of you as other physical characteristics. For lots of men, a girl’s weight is a more superficial attribute that matters less to them than other variables when choosing a partner. But others would rather date a woman who’s got curves, but the Olive Oyl kind is particularly sought out by some guys. He’s interested in yours, if he is hitting for you.

10. Your Scent. Your aroma is frequently the one thing about you that a man will remember most vividly long after you have parted ways. It provides the guy a tender reminder of the incredible girl he’s just met and may linger on clothing, hands, or linens. Maybe not a thing that’d likely be worn through a perfect woman who collects antiques and shares an attic with 14 cats, although always use soaps or cologne that you love. (Thirteen’s OK.)

11. The vast majority of men you will date have little to no flavor in regards to female footwear. Sadly, however, men do have a tendency to notice shoes when they’re overtly uncomfortable -looking or should you seem nervous inside them. Fortunately, you have got a dozen other assets to work with that he’ll spot manner before he looks down at your feet, so just wear whatever makes you feel well.

12. Your Personal Style. A free-spirited Jessa? Trend-forward like Marnie? Or are you an absolute Shosh? His first impression will be undoubtedly impacted by your style, although hopefully, he’s evolved enough to know which you’re more than everything you wear.

13. Your Boobs. Guys are just programmed to seek them out. Whether you decide to present your breasts like prizes or secure them to preserve some component of a puzzle is entirely up to you — but you have to understand that guy are searching. And appraising. And talking.


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